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I help organizations manage the data that drives their business. Inventory, customers, billing, vendors, documents, sales and marketing, forecasting, etc. I can design a custom application to meet the specific needs of your company that cannot be addressed by off-the-shelf software. Data entry screens that suit your needs. Automated imports and exports of data. Custom reports that answer your questions. Tools that will provide non-technical users with the ability to generate their own ad-hoc reports.

Essentially, any significant volume of information you want to save for later could and should be stored in a database. You may be storing large volumes of data in Excel. Spreadsheets are great tools for analyzing data, but they were not designed to store and retrieve thousands of records. Sharing data with coworkers becomes difficult. Distribution to end users is cumbersome. Managers lack ready access to the information they need in order to make critical business decisions.

Databases allow for large volumes of data to be stored, backed up regularly, searched, and maintained by many users simultaneously, and allow for rapid retrieval, reporting and analysis. If you are still storing large volumes of business-critical information on paper, you are begging for disaster.

Click here for some examples of how a database can benefit your organization.


Many customers have existing systems they have simply outgrown. Mission critical data stored in spreadsheets. Dated software programs that run too slowly.

I can migrate your legacy data into a new system that meets your needs and grows with you. Or, if you have an existing database that works well for you, but simply needs some enhancements, I can assist in getting additional functionality added to it.

There is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. I will work directly with you to determine the tools that are best suited to your organization and budget.
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