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Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Transactions System (Access 2003) PRI is a rapidly growing mortgage loan and real estate brokerage. When they first went into business, they were able to effectively manage their loan originations and real estate deals via a paper filing system. But as they grew, loan documentation packets began to get lost, agents lost track of clients, and managers were having trouble analyzing productivity.

After meeting with managers and staff, we designed a system that would accept weekly electronic feeds from their primary loan documentation system, provide agents and staff with the ability to update their workflow as transactions progressed, and via reporting, offer management an accurate view of agent and overall corporate productivity.


Project Management Database (Access 2003, Microsoft SQL Server and Lotus Notes) KP has over a hundred project managers each supporting dozens of projects. This process was previously maintained in spreadsheets, and as the department expanded, the company's needs far exceeded the capacities of Excel. Data was imported from hundreds of spreadsheets into Access, where it was standardized and normalized.

A user-friendly front-end was designed to facilitate data entry and maintenance. Tools were developed to enable the project managers to maintain their data over time. A robust suite of user edit reports and management oversight reports was developed to keep tabs on the ever-growing and ever-changing mountain of information. The back-end database was eventually upsized to Microsoft SQL to improve network access speed for the statewide user community.

Project Bids System (Access 97 and 2000) Cal West needed help tracking their project bids and analyzing projects gained relative to opportunities lost. This system allowed the sales VP to track all details related to project quotations, forward them to potential clients, maintain status updates, search and review details, and analyze results at quarter end.
Customer Invoicing and Ticketing System (Access 2000 and Outlook/Exchange) RSpeed is a small business that provides IT support to area companies. They needed a better way to assign trouble tickets to their technicians, record time, and invoice their clients. This application enabled managers to log calls, record details and automatically assign issues to techs via email. The techs would record their billable hours. Managers could review projects to ensure completion, then generate electronic invoices for their clients at the end of the month.
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