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SAP America, Palo Alto, CA

Americas Partner Relationship Manager (Access 2003, SQL Server 2005) SAP needed a system to manage its network of partner alliances. Partners are managed by one or more SAP account managers. Each partner has one or more key contacts. Partners also have multiple programs with vast amounts of collateral data pertaining to each (Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, etc.). We designed a system running on an Access 2003 front end and a SQL Server 2005 back end. The Access front end was customized to resemble a standard web-style interface SAP employees are accustomed to. The SQL back end enables remote users located across the country and around the world to connect to the database and work with it just as if they were working on the local network.

EMEA Partner Relationship Manager (Access 2007/2003, SQL Server 2005) On the heels of the successful deployment of the APRM solution to North and South America, the software was recently localized and rolled out to the managers reponsible for managing accounts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Users connect via a secure, high-speed VPN to a server located in Walldorf, Germany to edit and share critical business data.

Deloitte, San Francisco, CA

Target Marketing System (Access 200X, Internet Replication) One of Deloitte's product groups needed a database to share information on target accounts amongst its regional managers. The managers are dispersed throughout the country. We designed a system using an Access front end along with a replication server hosted on the internet. Under this structure, each user has a local copy of the database on their laptop. This enabled employees to be fully functional while disconnected from the network. Users periodically connect to the internet and synchronize their database with the master, uploading their changes and downloading changes made by others. Synchronizations occur within 30 seconds.

New World Technology, Livermore, CA

Purchase Order / Warehousing Solution (Access 2002) NWT provides hazardous waste cleanup services for the US Government as well as private industry. Headquarters manages product inventory and service requests for its employees and projects across several different work locations throughout the country. The company had outgrown their home grown database and sought to expand functionality. We redesigned the system to enable the warehouse team to manage purchase orders and track local and project-site inventory levels, enable remote users to submit purchase requests, and provide Finance with a accurate view of accounts payable.
Click here to view a sample of a top level summary screen with tab interface to other functions.

AC3, Alameda, CA

Workflow / Scheduling System (Access 2003) AC3 provides safety inspection and maintenance services for high rise building window washing equipment, crane certification, and machinery maintenance. Their workflow of documents was previously managed solely via paper. Scheduling mechanics became a time consuming task. As their client list grew, it became increasingly difficult to manage their rapidly growing business. We designed a system using Access 2003 that allowed staff to easily manage and record the flow of documents throughout the organization. In addition, we installed a 42" flat screen displaying a monthly calendar. Mechanics are color coded. Staff is now able to review the schedule at a glance. The operations manager can schedule and re-schedule mechanics and service visits via a simple, intuitive point-and-click interface.

Click here to view a sample of the calendar screen.

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