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Bayside Solutions, Pleasanton, CA

Ticket Tracking System (MS SQL 2008, Access 2007/2010) Bayside logs 20,000 phone calls per month in its role in supporting cellular communications field service technicians. Trouble tickets were previously hand written. Given the volume, it was nearly impossible to track key performance indicators. We developed a system using SQL to store the data and Access to provide the user interface. Employees now log calls directly into the system as they are received. Internal techs can review and resolve tickets online. Large flat screens hanging thoughout the office display real-time statistics. A suite of month end reports provides individual performance analysis and overall call volume metrics.

California Department of Public Health, Richmond, CA

Electronic Data Imports and Exports (Access 2003/2007/2010) CDPH receives data in a variety of proprietary formats from local laboratories. Previously, all data was manually entered into their system. We developed several tools to import this data electronically. Users still manage the process and are able to scrub the data prior to load, but most of the raw data entry has been eliminated. We also automated the transmittal of data to partner organizations via Excel and PDF exports and auto-generated emails and fax transmissions.

Scott Cole & Assoc., Oakland, CA

Electronic Time and Billing System (ETABS) Overhaul (Access 2003, MS SQL 2005) SCA employees use ETABS throughout the day to document billable hours spent working for their clients. The Emerge Group optimized the SQL database via table indexing and the creation of views and stored procedures in order to improve back end processing time. It also redesigned the front end in order to make functions more readily accessible and to minimize data entry. The UI was redone to more closely resemble SCA's web site in order to maintain a consistent corporate identity.

Click here to view a sample of the ETABS welcome screen.

Pyramid Installations, South San Francisco, CA

Warehousing / Inventory (Access 2003/2007, MS SQL 2005) Pyramid was maintaining its inventory for its Northern and Southern California facilities in two separate Access databases. There was no way for management at one site to view the data of the other location. In addition, the database was designed in such a way that retrieving information typically meant clicking through dozens of records in order to locate the needed data. First, we consolidated the data for the two warehouses into a single SQL database physically residing in the NorCal office. SoCal users connect to it via a secure VPN connection. Now management can report on both locations, and staff can view inventory detail at both locations. Next, we redesigned the interface so that users could quickly filter and sort on key criteria, enabling them to quickly locate critical business information.
Click here to view a sample inventory screen with sort and filter capabilties.

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