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Microsoft Access provides a powerful set of database tools that allows users to easily organize, access and share information across the enterprise. It supports a wide variety of sources and readily links with other existing business systems, including Excel, SQL, ODBC data sources and others. Its design and coding environment assists the developer in creating customized navigation tools, data entry screens, and robust reporting.


Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is the programming language embedded within the Microsoft Office family of products that enables developers to build custom solutions extending the functionality of the Office Suite (Access, Excel, Word, etc.). Developers creating applications in VBA can significantly reduce the development cycle of custom business systems.

Microsoft Visual Basic is a stand alone development tool commonly used to created customized business solutions from the ground up.
Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) Server provides a powerful backend relational database system designed to store and share large volumes of data across the enterprise. Key features include security, speed, scalability, and reliability.
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